Before the Spill will…

Posted: August 17, 2010 in About the Book

Those who read Before the Spill: Memories of Life on the Gulf Coast, will:

  • See life through the eyes of permanent residents, and experience the beauty and simplicity of growing up near a large body of water.
  • Be entertained with captivating tales of our day-to day lives living on the Gulf Coast before the tragedy, and share these experiences with generations to come in the event of a lost culture.
  • Learn first hand how residents of the Gulf Coast are struggling emotionally with this life-changing event.  In dealing with a catastrophe of this magnitude, the consequences lie solely with a fear of the unknown. 
  • Get an understanding of how this disaster has affected the livelihoods of coastal people through a set of eyes other than possibly biased news, and high-dollar publicizing by large corporations.
  • Gain a better awareness, and sense the impact, of how an epidemic of this size can unveil a deeper appreciation of surroundings in any community.
  • Realize the vast ecological and economical dependency on the Gulf of Mexico, and how this may eventually affect more than just one nation.
  • Feel the intensity of the burdens left behind, and to what measures the Gulf Coast communities will rely on for survival.
  • Examine the importance of political powers (or lack of) versus environmental concerns in this epic region, and how one is needed to protect the other.
  • Question current procedures for determining clean water and edible marine life in tainted waters.
  • Raise uncertainty regarding practices in the oil-drilling sector of the business and political world.
  • Challenge the liability and accountability of the oil industry, governments, environmental agencies, and people of this planet regarding the utilities in place to prevent this type of tragedy from ever happening again, anywhere.

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