The Make-Do Oyster-Do

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Book Excerpts

Book Excerpt from Chapter Heading The Make-Do Oyster-Do

After my introduction that afternoon, Mark and Scott re-acquainted with each other and headed off toward the large windows along the back of the house where there was an incredible view of the water. As I tagged along, I couldn’t help but notice that his place looked more like a train wreck between a bait-and-tackle store and a surf shop than a house. The furnishings were minimal and fishing gear lay everywhere. One of the first things that caught my attention was the lack of a television; there wasn’t even a place where one might sit. Surfboards lined the walls, hallways, and some dangled from the ceiling. Draped across several old sofas were fishing nets of all sizes, and two large wet suits were lying on a wooden table. A windsurfer sat upright in the far corner of the room, dirty ice chests were stacked in the other corner, and a musty odor hung in the air. I had met my first beach boy.

As the sun dropped in the sky, the boys headed outside onto the porch and prepared to start dinner. By this, I don’t mean heating up grease in a skillet, flour dredging, or slicing tomatoes; all I saw was a wet, double corrugated box about the size of a large ammo box. Inside were dozens of barnacled, clusters of shells. They looked like something scraped off the bottom of some old boat that had been decomposing for decades and drug up to the surface for archeologist purposes. It definitely wasn’t what I’d pictured we were going to eat that night. I’d seen my first “box of oysters.”



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