Book Excerpt: Two Trout…

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here’s a short excerpt from my book,

Before the Spill: Memories of Life on the Gulf Coast

Two Trout at a Time

The morning drifted along as easily as the trout into our boat. The exciting time I’d expected unceremoniously turned into a comforting task. Not a task to toil at, but a task that was expected by our surroundings. To catch fish that day, quietly taking in the water as it changed, the rock of the boat, the light changing as the sun grew, and the silent partnership I’d made with not just my uncle but the bay too, was a rite of passage. In a few short hours, I was changed. A deep change. It still sits inside me, mostly undisturbed. It’s quiet and still like water.

Time passed quickly but dreamily that morning. We’d caught enough trout to feed a crowd, and marveled at the fish well brimming with our catch of the day. Uncle Carl took a couple of celebratory swigs from his glass flask of “iced tea,” slapped me on the head and proudly said, “We had us a good day Skeeter, a good day”. He cranked the motor and we sped off faster than when we came out, hitting the chop harder and lifting the bow higher, both smiling at each other and ourselves on our success. We felt better somehow about ourselves because we did what we’d aimed to do, and we did it proper, and fine, like true men of the sea. 


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