You Can’t Break My Funny Bone

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Note to those of you following this blog: New York publishing houses have told me to put my book Before the Spill on hold. They state it’s no longer a timely issue. I guess non-fiction subject matter must be on CNN constantly for it to be a reputable subject to write about. Well, they can k….my…

Those of you still involved in the BP issue(s), keep up the good work, and I’ll continue to post relative matter in this blog. Also, I’ll be sneaking in some “spill fodder” in my current project Broke not Broken or You Can’t Break My Funny Bone.

The following is an excerpt from my current book project

Broke Not Broken or You Can’t Break My Funny Bone: One Couple’s Comical Journey through a Bad Economy with a Big Dose of Humility

…financial ruin. If you don’t know what financial ruin is, then put this book down, go to the library, read anything about Martha Stewart, and think the opposite. Yes, I know she went to prison. I know she developed a bad tic on the left side of her face while incarcerated, but, truth is, she made more money behind bars than on national television. There’s a moral here, I just don’t know what it is yet, but at least you now have a firm grasp of financial ruin.  Let’s mix in three more things: 1) The largest oil spill in history 2) humility and 3) unemployment. The spill probably wouldn’t have affected us so much had we not been living less than one mile from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s hard to ignore an underwater oil slick the size of West Virginia. And, it’s hard to ignore a 20% local unemployment rate. However, it is easy to ignore 200 million gallons of odorless, tasteless, scientists-are-unsure-of-the-health-risks chemical dispersants floating in and out of my patio doorway. I should close the front door to prevent the cross-breeze. In mathematical form, it looks like this:

Financial ruin + oil spill + humility + depressed locals everywhere you go = the book you’re holding in your hands

            But, I promise, you’ll laugh; if not with us, at least at us.


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