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After flying for five hours over the Mississippi Delta, Louisiana coastal areas, and Ground Zero of the BP Oil Spill-all the leading edges of this aircraft are covered with an orange oil ring; portions of the normal white airplane took on an off-white color.

Emails are coming in regarding skin stinging, vomiting, and stomach problems from locals caught in rain showers.

Personally, last week I  spent two hours emptying and cleaning out my koi pond that seven beautiful goldfish call home.  This weekend, remnants of a storm off of the Gulf Coast dumped rain on us for four straight days.  When it finally quit raining yesterday, I checked on the fish and you could barely see them in my pond; the water is very cloudy and burnt orange in color.  This is not normal, we’ve had this goldfish pond for over ten years, and the rain has always been the one thing I can count on to clear up the water…

Are we breathing toxic air?  Are we experiencing acid/toxic rain?


It’s not over!  

 Please visit to see video taken this week on the current effects of the oil spill on Pensacola Beach, Fl. 

We can’t forget about the Gulf people, their water…their life! 


Tim Robbins narrates our ongoing series documenting the environmental issues and coastal community concerns in the wake of the BP drilling disaster. This episode features interviews with Len Bahr, Ph.D. the coastal science adviser to 5 different Louisiana Governors and Matt Rota of the Gulf Restoration…
In an exclusive report, CNN’s Ed Lavandera says researchers found oil and dispersants built up on the ocean floor.